About Us

A note from Amy

Oh Bella Wedding Day Dogs was created by me, Amy Jarvis. I have always been a lover of dogs; I grew up in the countryside where I was surrounded by dogs of all different shapes and sizes, including spaniels, terriers, collies and a German shepherd. As well as dogs we had horses, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chickens and even Fred the tortoise! I’ve always had a passion for pets and firmly believe they are part of the family. But it’s dogs that I adore. I can’t imagine life without one; walks would be boring, and the house would be very quiet! This is why, after I got married, I decided to create Oh Bella. It gives me the opportunity to work with those I love the most: dogs and happy couples!

We live in a quiet little cottage in the West Norfolk countryside, with acres of fenland and woodland on our doorstep, where our two dogs run around for hours.  I have always rescued dogs and my two beloved beauties are no exception.  Paige is a retired racing whippet and Bella is an ex-working Border terrier. Paige is a princess and rules the roost, but little Bella is perfectly happy with her seat on my knee. Paige likes to curl up under a blanket and doesn’t like to get her feet wet, whilst Bella seems to attract mud and chaos! Both are now 9 years old but aren’t slowing down yet, still keeping us on our toes! When supervising your dog we do everything we can to make your dog feel at ease, ensuring they keep to the same diet and routine and get the love and affection they’re used to.

I decided to start Oh Bella after I faced the same dilemma when I married my wonderful husband Ben in December 2017.  I desperately wanted our beautiful dogs in the photographs at our wedding but found that everyone I would trust to look after them were already a guest!  We found someone from further afield who could assist us and were thrilled that, not only could Paige and Bella share our big day, we had peace of mind that they were fully supervised and happy.  It was then I decided I wanted to help other couples achieve the same dream, so I created Oh Bella Wedding Day Dogs.

I would love to meet your beloved pet, hear all about your exciting plans and find out how I can make your big day even more special.

Amy x

A Riley sqaure
Bride Groom Kissing Dog Wedding Chaperone